1.2 Identifying Learning in the Workplace

In order to identify the correct opportunities for learning in the workplace, it is important to understand the learning style of the student.


It is the responsibility of the mentor to identify the opportunities for learning that are appropriate for the student. This requires the mentor to consider how to work with the students learning styles to impart deep learning – making sure the student understands the why.

To identify opportunities for learning, the mentor should look at all elements of clinical practice, starting with the patient journey…

  • At which points in the patient journey is input from the dental team required, and how could these be used as learning opportunities?
  • Which specific equipment or techniques are used throughout the patient journey?
  • Where is communication required? clinician to patient? clinician to clinician?

Approaches to Identifying Learning Style

Below are some common models of learning styles that are applicable to the dental workplace. Follow the links for overviews of each style: