The Faculty seeks to continually produce resources to support DCPs and the whole dental team.

Here, you will find Welsh Government communications, information on Faculty linked DCP research and support videos curated to provide useful information to DCPs.

Please expand the below headings for more information on the resources available:

Welsh Government Communications

The Faculty has worked closely with Welsh Government to ensure that the latest information and advice is shared across the dental team as widely as possible.

Please visit our Welsh Government Communications page to access the latest communications from Welsh Government and the Chief Dental Officer.

DCP Research

The Faculty has a keen interest in dental research, specifically that relating to DCPs and dental public health. As such, members of the Faculty actively collaborate on, and contribute to, research in this field.

Please visit our DCP Research page for more information on the studies linked to the Faculty

Support Videos

The Faculty will work to produce a series of support videos for DCPs. These videos address common concerns raised by DCPs to the Faculty.

Previously, this section was used to provide vital information throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pleas visit our Support Videos page to view the videos.

Senior Training

AWFDCP is hosting SENIOR Training materials. Please click HERE to access the relevant material.