Section 4 - Management options for primary caries / 4.1 Article: Care Sequence Intro

The care pathway is an approved route of treatment when managing primary caries.

Manage pain and acute sepsis: Dental pain is often the main reason for a child’s unscheduled attendance for dental care. Therefore, pain management should be the first priority when providing care.

Prevent Caries: As elucidated in the previous section, there should be an emphasis on primary prevention for managing caries in children. Caries can often be prevented through early identification and evidence-based interventions such as: dietary advice, topical fluoride & fissure sealants.

Manage asymptomatic caries and sepsis: Manage caries in the primary dentition using an appropriate technique that maximises the chance of the tooth exfoliating without causing pain, sepsis and/or treatment-induced dental anxiety.