Section 1 - Introduction to paediatric caries / 1.1 Article: Epidemiology

Introduction to the epidemiology of paediatric caries.

Dental caries is the commonest disease in humans. In deciduous teeth, untreated dental caries affects over 621 million children worldwide [1].

In the UK paediatric caries remains prevalent amongst all age groups. In Wales, 34.2% of 5-year-old children have signs of decay, and in England this figure is 23% [2,3]. In Scotland, 30.6% of children aged 4-5 years have obvious decay in their primary dentition [4].

Caries in children follows a strong social gradient (figure 1). In the UK, children from low socio-economic groups can be up to twice as likely to have dental caries as those from higher groups [3]. However, the total burden of disease has come down in recent years and the social gradient is no longer widening.

Figure 1: Prevalence of experience of dental decay in 5-year olds in England, 2019 by national index of multiple deprivation. Reproduced from: National Dental Epidemiology Programme for England: oral health survey of 5-year-olds 2019 [3]

Dental caries is a common cause of hospital admission in children for tooth extraction under general anaesthetic. Left untreated, dental caries can cause pain, sepsis and has been linked to poor school performance [5].


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