The Faulty has strategic aims linked to policy objectives, and specific aims linked to educational deliverable's

Improving Care

Improving access to care including new patients with high needs.


Promoting a preventive approach to care for all.


Delivering high quality evidence-based care according to need.


Developing research capability, leadership and enhanced skills to fulfil potential.


Developing the dental team and networks across Wales that are fit for the future’s challenges.

Skills Escalators

The Faulty aims to develop the DCP workforce through two skills escalators: within-role and across-role.

The within-role skills escalator allows DCPs to progress within their current role by engaging in lifelong learning and specific skills development.

The across-roles skills-escalator provides an educational framework for DCPs to progress between roles. The key to this is the Faculty's spiral curriculum that carries throughout all of the AWFDCP's educational programmes.

The Faculty aims to provided educational provision for all DCP's across all educational levels