DCP Research

The Faculty actively engages in research that supports the development of the DCP workforce

Therapists Managing Low-risk NHS Patients: Pilot Study

Project Details

Title: Can Hygiene-Therapists maintain the oral health of routine low-risk dental recall patients in "high-street" dental practices: a pilot study

Status: Complete

Summary: This pilot trial found no difference in oral health of selected patients seen by dental therapists compared to usual treatment and suggested possible more appropriate designs for a future full evaluation.

Date: Oct 2017 - Feb 2021

Link: Click HERE for link to the study report

Funder: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Value: £402,000

Role Substitution in Care Homes

Project Details

Title: uSing rolE-substitutioN In care hOmes to improve oRal health (SENIOR)

Status: Ongoing

Summary: The aim of this study is to undertake a randomised controlled trial to determine whether the use of Dental Care Professionals instead of dentists, could offer an alternative to NHS dental provision for residents in care-homes.

Date: Jan 2021 - July 2024

Web Link: Click HERE for link to the project webpage

Funder: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Value: £1,419,000

In Practice Prevention Evaluation

Project Details

Title: Realist Evaluation of the In Practice Prevention Programme

Status: Complete

Summary: Over a two and a half-year period, with over 17,500 evidence-based dental nurse-led preventive care-pathways delivered, there was no evidence of any negative influence of IPP on attendance patterns for adult patients or patient charge revenue over the duration of the programme. Attendance patterns and the use of fluoride appeared to increase for child patients, along with anecdotal evidence of a ‘halo’ effect amongst siblings and other family members.

Date: Jan 2017 - Feb 2021

Web Link: Click HERE for link to the study report

Funder: North Yorkshire and Humber Local Dental Network

GDS Reform Evaluation

Project Details

Title: A Realist Evaluation of NSH Dental Contract Pilots Across Wales

Status: Ongoing

Summary: to utilise a realist approach to develop, test and refine a programme theory: an explanatory account which will provide important data for dentists, Health Boards, patients and the Welsh Government about what works (in relation to the reform programme), how, and what are the necessary conditions for success.

Date: April 2019 - Sept 2022

Web Link: Click HERE for link to the Bangor University project page

Funder: Welsh Government