Gerodontology MOOC / 14. Podcast: Gwen am Byth

A mini-podcast series detailing the Gwen am Byth programme

In this series we introduce the Gwen am Byth project as a case study for residential care. We will see how the Gwen am Byth team took an innovative approach to residential care in Wales, with positive results!

Episode 1

In this podcast the panel cover:

  • A rundown of what Gwen am Byth
  • What led to the development of Gwen am Byth
  • What is the importance of Gwen am Byth

Episode 2

In this podcast the panel cover:

  • A review of Gwen am Byth's objectives
  • An explanation of the assessment toolkit
  • Methods of implementation

Episode 3

In this podcast the panel cover:

  • Journey of DCP's within Gwen am Byth
  • Skills required from the workforce
  • The future of Gwen am Byth

Meet the Panel